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Build Your Own Cloud Server

So yesterday a friend asked me about the possibility of having his own NAS (Network Attached Storage) that he could access from work or out and about. And the answer is yes.  I have setup multiple NAS devices for clients and even have one myself and they are all based…

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2016 – The Year Ahead – Part II | Health

This is a follow up on my previous post about the new year and my goals. Two of my major focus goals are to lose weight and get in better shape. A tertiary goal to that is to get off of Prilosec, an over the counter acid reflux pill that I…

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Switching From Iphone to Android

   TO   My wife and I just made the switch to ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 4s’ after years of being IPhone users.  We loved the iPhones up until they would slow down and start having issues when the next new model came out. Not being able to expand memory was…

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