My Interests

I have a few interests that I pursue outside of work, which include doing the occasional computer gaming, reading and blogging.

Gaming is my way of letting off steam, unwinding and believe it or not relaxing. It does not always work – especially if I lose, but it is fun. My favorites include COD, the Battlefield series and StarCraft II. I also play some  casino games online in the olympic kingsway casinos so I can make some money while I play.

Leadership and management
This is one of my more “interesting” interests.  In the many years of working in this world and the experiences I and many people I know have been through, this topic has culminated in to a pretty active hobby of mine.  Over the last few years, I have been to my share of Leadership and Management conferences and seminars and have developed a pretty good library of reference material in the process.  At one point I even co-hosted a Leaders and Managers study group within in our church and hosted a blog for the group.  

Efficiency and Change
This is another are that I have a lot of interest in. While working at various firms over the years, primarily in the construction-design industry, but in general offices as well, one thing always kept me motivated – Improvement! I spent a lot of my personal time finding and implementing ways of reducing complexity, saving time, creating standards and better documenting processes to increase my efficiency and those that I worked with. In doing so, I created new standards, implemented more automation in IT systems, in-acted process changes, and spread the knowledge to others on how they could do things faster and more efficiently (efficiency is not always about speed).  I started a blog around this topic, but it has morphed more in to AutoCAD specific content now: