Grand Canyon HikeWho is Walt Sparling….

Semi-retired tech guy, and current electrical designer.  I used to own a technology consulting company, but sold that off years ago and have since all but left the technology world and focused back on my original roots in the building industry. I currently work with a small Electrical Engineering firm in Tampa, FL.

As far as my working history, I have a pretty multifaceted background. Besides the technical arena, I have done manual and CADD drafting, worked as a CADD and software trainer, a Mechanical Designer / Project Manager and an Architectural designer and Project Manager.  Early in the mix, I owned my own computer consulting and sales firm and currently do limited Tech Support and web editing and web and blog hosting as a side line for some small businesses and friends.

With the exception of some articles I still do for AUGI World, I primarily write on this blog and my AutoCAD focused blog – Function Sense.

Affiliate Links:

In my more current posts you will find a disclaimer about ‘Affiliate Links’ and throughout my posts you will find lots of links, some of which are affiliate links.

What are Affiliate links:

In affiliate programs, it’s a special URL that contains the ID or username of the affiliate (not the person picking the link). This URL is used by the advertiser to track all traffic the affiliate sends to the advertiser’s site as a part of the affiliate program.  If you select a link that is an affiliate link and then purchase a product or service from that link, at no additional cost to you, I will get a small commission. This does not cost YOU any extra, nor does it track your personal data – it is just a forwarding link.

Why I use them:

As stated above – I get a small commission.   I have been blogging and writing for years, and I have finally decided to start recouping some of my costs and maybe making some extra change to use for other interests.