2017 – The Year Ahead

https://www.graphicstock.com/stock-image/desk-calendar-shows-year-two-thousand-seventeen2017 is off and running and like many others, I’m working on my plans to make it a successful one. I did not make any New Year’s resolutions, rather I vowed to keep moving ahead from where I left off in 2016.  I’ll be working on the typical desires of getting more sleep, drinking less, cutting back on the number of cigars and getting in the gym three days a week.

WOW – Looking back at my posts, I see I have only done one post since the start of my 2016 goals post – SAD!  I should be planning on how I can get more posts in, but the reality of it is that I write enough on my other blog and a tech magazine (AUGI World) to keep me busy outside of work.  Since writing more was not a 2016 goal, I reckon that is ok. : )

I did make progress with some of the 2016 goals though, and the plan is to keep it up and build on the progress already made.  I have read a ton of books (20 actually) and listened to dozens and dozens of podcasts, I’m sleeping more by getting to bed earlier, and up until some surgery in December I was working out regularly at the gym with a trainer. I should be healed enough to get back in the gym in February, but for now it’s morning walks.

I have three major goals for this year:

– Get my PMP certification
– Reduce my current debt by 50%
– Complete a project Database project

The database project is something I started last year but has been on my todo list as a vision for years. This year I want to complete a solid foundation for it and get it running at work to test it. I’m teaching myself PHP through online classes in order to do it. This will likely kick in this summer as my PMP certification is my highest goal.

Debt reduction us a good goal for anyone. I have built and reduced debt multiple times over my lifetime and because of it have established an awesome credit rating, but not a lot of money in the bank. Time to change that pattern.

My biggest and my priority goal for 2017 is getting my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. I have worked in the construction industry on the design side for 30 years now and have served as a project manager in multiple disciplines but never sought out getting a formal certification.

I love my current job, but the company will be closing in the next 3-4 years and I’ll be back in the job search world. With 15 years or more left in my career, I want to make sure I maintain my employability moving ahead as my age will become a hiring factor.

There are multiple steps required to get the PMP certification, and I will be covering them in a series of posts over the next six months or so. I am doing this in order to self-record the progress, share with others that may be considering it, and create an online accountability document of sorts.

One thing I did some of this past year was journaling and I want to continue that into 2017, albeit with more consistency.  Last year it was all about electronic tools, but this year I am going back to paper – more therapeutic.  I ordered my day planner/journal for the year this weekend.  After looking at a few, I opted for the Basic black Passion Planner from www.passionplanner.com.  This planner has a lot of cool features for planning, scheduling, and even doodling.  I can’t wait to get it this week and get started.



Time to get moving ahead. Happy New Year to everyone and hope you successfully tackle your personal and career goals in 2017!



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