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Farewell to my little Princess – Fiona

Fiona-3I lost a dear friend and companion this morning to Kidney disease.  Fiona was my little princess and my favorite pet of all time.  When she was brought home from the Humane society many years ago, there was an instant connection. As a kitten, she followed me everywhere I went and always had to be near.  When I gamed or worked on my computer she sat on my monitor (old monitor) or she would sit on top of my desk or the back of my chair.  When I walked around the house she would jump on my shoulders and ride around like a big furry parrot.  Wherever dad was she was.

In the early days when I would leave town for vacation or business, she would show her unhappiness by leaving a little wet spot on my side of the bed, just below my pillow.  After a couple times of that and based on a suggestion from a friend and pet owner I started to wear a t-shirt for a few days before my trip.  I would fold up the t-shirt and place it below my pillow when I left.  When I returned I would find a very hairy t-shirt, but no wet spot.  I have continued that ever since.

Everyone loved Fiona and she was a very calm and loving Cat for those that she would show herself to.  Overall she was a shy and quiet cat, as her adopted brother Stevie of many years talks enough for both of them. Although Stevie is much bigger and stronger than Fiona was, she would occasionally get him frustrated when she had enough of his noise and would smack him on his but.  She would then crouch down waiting for his retaliation and she would pounce like a mini lion wrapping her little paws around his neck and pull him over on his back, his legs floundering in the air – like watching a professional wrestling take-down.

I would like to thank the Tampa Veterinary Hospital  for doing their best to help Fiona in her final days and finally ending her suffering.

I will miss coming home to see her running down the hall meowing and welcoming me home or chastising for being gone – I’m not sure which.

I love animals, but I must confess that no other animal has every made me feel so special and heartbroken as I am now.  I love you and will miss you greatly FiFi and look forward to seeing you again (All Cats go to Heaven).



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Wow!! Is what I have to say about this mornings church service. We love our church and today was an example of why.  We are currently going through a series titled “Unexpected” which started after our Easter Service in Curtis Hixon Park.  If you are from the Tampa Bay area and did not attend, you probably got a hint of it from the signs and T-shirts all over the bay stating “Easteris Near.com“.  That Easter service yielded a turnout of over 5600 people – not bad for a church that I think has about 800 members.

This morning the “Unexpected” surprise was enter the worship space and finding the traditional Baptism pool in front of the stage.  The message today was about an encounter between an Ethiopian eunach, who was a Treasury official and a young Jewish apostle named Philip from the Book of Acts (Acts 8:26). The encounter and ensuing discussion culminated with the Ethiopian choosing to get baptized spontaneously in a water hole that they passed while traveling though the desert.

We typically do two baptism services a year, and in the last one in early April, my fiancé Kelly and I were baptized.   Typical baptisms are planned around 6 weeks weeks in advance, so that those considering it can make the decision and come prepared with extra clothes, a towel and possibly friends or family members that you want to share your experience with.  Today was a totally spontaneous opportunity for anyone that had been thinking of it to step up and get baptized.  Talk about a tough decision – no clothes, no towel, no plans but to enjoy another lively Sunday service by our Pastor Paul Wirth.  But as is usual, Paul and the crew had it all covered.  Each person making the plunge would get a black T-shirt, shorts, underwear and a towel – No excuses!  Anyone wishing to make the spontaneous decision to get baptized could get the bag of supplies go change and come up front for their turn in the pool.

Before Paul could finish his directions a man in the front row stood up and fully clothed walked up the ladder and in to the baptism pool.  Another followed, also fully clothed and then a mass of people made their way to the back where they received their baptism clothes and towel. In the first service alone 31 people made the decision to share their faith decision on the spot.  I heard later that between the two morning services a total of 52 people made that same decision!!  What really rocked me, besides the courage of these individuals was that during a normal planned baptism celebration, typically 8 -12 people per service make the decision to be baptized – today’s “unexpected” service had over four times that!!

An awesome day for all!


Spontaneous Baptism 5-06-12

Our Baptism

Our Baptism

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